Watch Yourself

The following dialogue was recently recorded between the reviewer and a convenient fiction. It is the reviewer’s hope that it defines a better way to critique his beloved medium:

Nameless Shill: What is one thing the world doesn’t need, Mr. Peabody?

Peabody: Genocide.

Shill: True. How about something less exciting?

Peabody: Oh, that’s easy, a movie review blog. movie-theater

Shill: Too true… So, what is this you’re working on?

Peabody: A movie review blog.

Shill: Interesting. Why?

Peabody: Because I like writing and I like movies.

Shill: But aren’t you worried that you’re just duplicating a lot of other critics’ efforts?

Peabody: I would be if I paid attention to them… or were thinking of this venture in terms of exposure or market share or a blog roll like this one. [He is, by the way.]

Shill: I see. Still, it must be difficult to sustain interest in a generic redundancy.

Peabody: Well said, Shill. As it happens, I believe I may have carved out my own little niche in this great big world of movie reviews.

Shill: How so, Mr. Peabody? And might I compliment you on your pronunciation of the word niche.

Peabody: Thank you! Well, my approach is grounded in my firm belief that this business about critics’ abilities to transcend their own subjectivity is a bunch of horse manure. Instead, it seemed more honest to identify the nature of that subjectivity before viewing and then let my readers, if I’m lucky enough to draw any, decide for themselves whether the movie stands up on its own merits or whether personal factors have blinded me to a movie’s virtues or flaws.

Shill: Intriguing premise! But doesn’t that only go so far? I mean, without a second viewing, at least a few months separated from the first, your readers would be missing a critical reference point.

Peabody: It’s about time you started earning some of that sweet shilling coin! Yes, you are absolutely right. That’s why I’ll be creating a second, linked review at least three months separated from the first. Also, as part of that second review, I’ll record my memory of the first viewing as a potential biasing factor.

Shill: Wow! That seems like a long way to go for a movie review!

Peabody: I know, but that’s just the burden of excellence. I’m about to get things started with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Care to join me?

Shill: I’ll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody.


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